Beware of Fake Advert Using Padoserve Name.

It has come to our company notice, that some job boards and advertisers are publishing jobs using our name without our consent.

In some cases, jobs advertised by Padoserve some months ago are dubiously being re-advertised. We therefore warn all job seekers to be cautious of fake adverts on our name. We have always maintained the tradition of publishing all available vacancies on the job column of our website before publication on general job boards. We therefore, advice you to disregard, and stay clear from any advert on our name not replicated on our website. We will not be held liable for any damage or problem resulting from your inability to adhere to the information herewith. Note that Padoserve application and interview are totally free of charge and strictly on merit. Should you need further clarification on this, feel free to contact us via or call 08113331116.