Contracts and Logistics


Padoserve Ltd Contract and Logistics group is into sourcing of contracts and bids from Oil and multinational companies as well as indigenous companies . This group have signed in as vendors into major companies in oil and gas as well as oil servicing companies such as Total E & P Nigeria Limited, Nestoil, Telcon Oil etc.


Our Team of Contracts and logistic experts are also into supplies of oil tools, Electrical tools, Mechanical tools, Office equipment and consumables, Galley items both perishable and non perishables, toiletries, Telecommunication equipments etc. We have relationship with Nestoil, Piprox Energy limited, Ocean Marine, Telcon oil, Access Bank, Tata Motors etc.


We work with companies to offset some logistics challenges and movement of goods and equipment from one location to the other. We are in patnership with Royal Emmanic Logistic Resource Ltd for office moving, domestic moving, delivery service and secured storage within and around the country.

Customer service consulting

We help companies and Business organizations grow their customer services deliveries, we organize customer service developmental training for staff, we also organize induction courses for newly recruited staff.

We render consultancy advices to business owners and top executives on how best to manage their key customers so as to retain them. We also offer professional advice to them on how to manage their staffs to get the best out of them as a sure way of sustaining organizational goals.

We embark on mystery shopping services on behalf of organizations to enable them get first hand information that will help them review and re-align their operation as against their competitors business.

We partner with medium and small scale companies to build a standard professional team that would render a quality service delivery, aimed at enhancing their organizational performance.

Our service is unique because most of the companies operating in our field are mostly focused on big companies; hence they pay little or no attention to small and medium scale businesses. In Padoserve, our consulting team is so passionate about helping the small and medium scale companies grow their business and services.

Capacity Building and Manpower Development

In Padoserve, we are professionals in capacity building and manpower development, we offer series of developmental trainings ranging from customer services, marketing, sales, emotional intelligences, team building, management trainings etc. we closely follow up staff performances through appraisals and gradually build them into their areas of interest and best fit. We offer series of developmental programmes to enhance staff capacity to settle on the job as well as smoothly work their ways to higher responsibilities by harnessing and developing their services delivery and job knowledge.

Our clients have enjoyed so many in-House training, Train the Trainer Courses, Developmental training, Tailored Trainings etc. We have over 150 courses specially packaged to suit operational needs of various companies.

Career Advisory Services

Padoserve ltd consulting group help Unemployed, under-employed and employed candidates work their ways smoothly into their dream jobs, Our team of experts help them choose a career part, build a standard job profile, Help them structure their CVs, and assist them with useful Interview skills.

We also assist and mentor new employees into a structured career part within their organization. We also work closely with every staff within the organization to identify their key strength and talent and help place them in their area of best fit.

Business Seminar & Retreat

Padoserve consulting group have high caliber motivational speakers especially skilled for business seminars, retreats etc. We look forward for invitations for these services at a negotiable fee.

Recruitment and Workforce Management

Our recruitment process in padoserve aimed at shortlisting, interviewing and selecting the best qualified candidate for the job. Our clients have always commended the quality of staffs we provide as well as the professionalism of our recruitment process. Our interview process is totally free of charge to all eligible candidates.

Padoserve offers professional workforce management services to organizations who do not have HR department or having challenges with their HR unit, to discharge some HR responsibilities such as Recruitment, Staffing, Outsourcing, Career development, Induction, Appraisal management, Development and enforcing of staff/company policies, staff Training, staff motivation, Staff records and documentation, etc.

Management Consulting

Our professional's works with organizations to strengthen their management process help them develop various policies and structures and work with them on mapping out short term and long-term strategic plans for the organization. We hold high profile meetings with Management teams as well as organize management trainings for key officers of various companies.

Partnership/Annual Retainership

Padoserve Ltd offer services on partnership/retainaship basis. These services would enable us provide consultancy support for your company for a period of 1year which is renewable.

The cost of this support which is between N1,000,000 to N5,000,000 is strictly based on the size and spread of your organization. The services include:

  • Writing/reviewing of staff policy and employment handbook.
  • Recruitment (advert and interview)
  • Organize Induction Training for new employees.
  • Offer in-house career advisory services to staff (optional)
  • Helping company set, monitor and analyze staff performance review.
  • Resolution of service challenges.
  • Hold monthly meetings with Management team.(optional)
  • Creating and reviewing of motivational packages for staffs.
  • Organize quarterly Training for all staff. (In-line with agreed Training Time Table.)
  • Urgently respond to all distress calls.
  • Initiate and implement a monthly performance Review (MPR)
  • Set and Monitor staff/departmental target.
  • Working closely with staff to identify training needs.

Mystery Shopping

Our team of experts is well position to assist your company carry out a mystery shopping survey on your competitors business as well as on your business. This is to enable you rate your performance in line with your competitors. At the end of this exercise, we shall:

  • Present a detail report of your company to your company!
  • Work with your company to implement the report.
  • Work with your company to monitor the report over time.

The fee for this service is negotiable based on the size and spread of your organization.