Customer service consulting: We help companies and Business organizations grow their customer services deliveries, we organize customer service developmental training for staff, we also organize induction courses for newly recruited staff.

We render consultancy advices to business owners and top executives on how best to manage their key customers so as to retain them. We also offer professional advice to them on how to manage their staffs to get the best out of them as a sure way of sustaining organizational goals.

We embark on mystery shopping services on behalf of organizations to enable them get first hand information that will help them review and re-align their operation as against their competitors business.

We partner with medium and small scale companies to build a standard professional team that would render a quality service delivery, aimed at enhancing their organizational performance.

Our service is unique because most of the companies operating in our field are mostly focused on big companies; hence they pay little or no attention to small and medium scale businesses. In Padoserve, our consulting team is so passionate about helping the small and medium scale companies grow their business and services.

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Godliness,Service Excellence, Commitment, Integrity, Dedication.


To be a preferred brand name to Nigerian business owners in the next 10 years.


“With our highly skilled workforce tailored towards service excellence, we are Commissioned to improve your business empire and enhance our worth.”
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